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FitRight Ultra Stretch Adult Diaper Briefs (80 Count)

FitRight Ultra Stretch Adult Diaper Briefs (80 Count)


The FitRight adult diapers have two increased zones of stretch and strength to provide exceptional fit, and are breathable for increased airflow and maximum patient comfort. Use after Catheter removal to maintain hygiene if your are experiencing incontinence issues.

  • Feature a super absorbent core with odor protection to quickly wick away fluid and promote dryness, help maintain skin integrity and improve containment
  • Skin safe closures provide secure, safe and repeated refasten ability
  • Moisture alert wetness indicator changes color when the disposable adult diaper has been soiled
  • See chart to determine which size option to select
  • Delivers in 1-2 weeks
    ***You will most likely transition to Absorbent Guards quickly due to the diaper heat generation, so we recommend purchasing a smaller diaper count until you understand your ongoing needs.
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