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Waterproof & Washable Bed Pad (28" x 36")

Waterproof & Washable Bed Pad (28" x 36")


This four layer bed pad is designed with a soft cotton top surface, noiseless waterproof middle layer, a super absorbent bamboo fiber liner and quite vinyl waterproof non slip barrier, keeping your sheets and bed dry and protected all night while still being comfortable and unobtrusive.

  • Toxic free, noise free and breathable vinyl material
  • 28” x 36” underpad ensures the generous coverage and non-slip backing prevents the pad from shifting or slipping when tossing and turning.
  • Retains up to 8 cups of liquid 
  • Reliable absorbency for up to 350+ washes
  • Machine wash warm or cold and tumble dry low.
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